Funny Wedding Cake Ideas 1

I died laughing! These are too cute. Long gone are the days of traditional cake toppers. My best friend just had Battlestar Galactica characters atop hers. (Some inside joke between her and the groom I think). No matter how crazy the cake toppers get, the cake still takes delicious and it gives the guests something fun to remember about the reception besides all the horribly bad dancing. My cake topper is in this roundup! My honey didn’t care about a lot of the little details but he did care about the cake and he picked our topper. #4 takes the cake! It is up on the dresser with our wedding pics right now. I love it and it’s even better since I didn’t pick it out. I’m biased toward the princess and the frog (mine) but Bridezilla is funny and #8 is probably true for this generation. There is something to fit everyone and you can get the bride and groom figurines with any hair and skin color to fit your special day. Think these toppers are funny/adorable/creative/weird? Wait till you see this roundup of cakes from Buzzfeed. See all 17 hilarious toppers here… Diply: 17 Hilarious Wedding Cake Toppers That Will Make You Laugh

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