Get Your Knit On With This Ginormous Blanket 1

Are you a knitter? If you are bored with booties and beanies here is something to consider. A giant wool blanket. And I do mean giant! It’s high time you were inspired to take your knitting to the next level and I think this might be just the thing to do it. If I’ve learned anything from my DIYs and craft projects, it’s to not let yourself be limited! Needles not big enough? Use PVC pipe. Balls of yarn don’t come in that size? Use wool batting and form it into strands. This was a labor of love and time! It took hours just to shape the wool and wielding those massive knitting needles wasn’t a walk in the park! I asked Santa for the most extravagant heating blanket on the market but maybe he can pull some strings and get me one of these! Anything is possible! The Zen Of Making has another giant blanket tutorial you have to see… Get the whole story here.. Imgur: The Story Of The Giant Blanket

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