Glowing Jars Tutorial 1

I don’t really know anything about fireflies. The pictures that I’ve seen are beautiful and someday I’m going to spend an evening catching them. To me, they are magical and mysterious. This glowing jar by From Panka With Love is the closest thing I will have for a while. Please check out this wonderful tutorial on how to turn regular mason jars into something enchanting. Here’s the link to FromPankaWithLove’s full tutorial: FromPankaWithLove: Glowing Jar Project Lots of children have trouble sleeping at night because they are scared of the dark. One solution for this is to leave a lamp or nightlight on all night. However, this is a waste of electricity, especially when glowing jar craft ideas could be the perfect solution to all of your problems. A glow in the dark jar lamp is a very environmentally friendly and cheap nightlight to help your children get to sleep. It uses recycled glass jars, and does not need a lamp to be left on all night. What you will need: – Jar – Glowing Paint – Paint brush – Water Step 1 – Finding Suitable Jars The first thing you will need to do is scout around your house and find suitable jars for your project. Any jar can be used, whether you want to use a big or a tiny jar is up to you. You could also use a collection of several different sizes of jar for a great display. The jars need to be completely clean, so wash them out with warm soapy water. If you don’t have any suitable jars yourself then try asking around your family and friends. Most people will happily give you their old glass jars which would otherwise be recycled. Step 2 – Painting Use glow in the dark paint in several different shades to paint the inside of your jars. The design you choose to do is completely up to you. Just putting hundreds of dots around the inside of the jar is a great way to create a very interesting looking design which will look amazing. You could also paint in stripes or wavy lines for a variation on the theme. Wash the brush in water in between each color to create a strong contrast between shades. When painted you will need to wait until the paint has dried completely. Depending on the type of paint that you used this could take a couple of hours. Step 3 – Charging Up The glow lamps need to be charged up to work properly, but this is a very easy process. Simply hold the jars under a strong light source such as a lamp. The longer you charge them for, the longer they will glow for at night. Or alternatively you could leave them by the window if you prefer. When the paint absorbs the light it will store the energy for when it’s dark. Step 4 – Using the Jar Lamps When charged up the jars simply need to be put somewhere in the room. As these are glass you should put them out of the reach of any young children who could otherwise injure themselves if the jars break. They won’t glow all night, but should glow for long enough to get your children to sleep. What’s more, these jar lamps can be used over and over again as an environmentally friendly nightlight. Kids will really love the jar lamps because they help to light the room up and make it easy to sleep. They also look very beautiful and could also be used in adults rooms, even if they aren’t afraid of the dark. Additional Resources: Looking for more mason jar lighting ideas? Don’t miss this article by instructables and this article by architecture art design.

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