Grab The Pattern For This Beautiful Knit Scarf 1

Knit one purl two. Those are the basics of knitting. Everything from there on out gets more advanced. This scarf is beautiful and intricate! The end project looks crazy complicated but if you follow the free pattern it’s pretty easy. Easy for knitters that is. If you’re not a knitter, you should be. Don’t you love this? If you learn to knit you could make one for yourself… Lady Life Hacks has given us a detailed pattern of each row. All 22 of them. I think I saw a scarf like this at the store for over $35.00. Highway robbery! How much more affordable to buy yarn and make your own. Do it! I love the tan color with copper button and I really want to make a powder blue one. It would look beautiful with my hair! What color will you pick? See these other scarves from DIY & Crafts… Get the pattern and tutorial from Lady Life Hacks here… Lady Life Hacks: A Beautiful Knit Scarf (Free Pattern)

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