How To Add Lazy-Susan Disks To Your Pantry 1

If your pantry is feeling like total chaos then this idea may be just the trick you need to start taming it! I first discovered this idea over on the Owner Builder Network and after some quick research found the original step by step tutorial for you guys over at Decor Chick. Here’s the link to the tutorial… DecorChick – The Great Pantry Makeover Image Credit: via More clever kitchen storage ideas… The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in your home, it is also home to lots of pots, pans and appliances. Keeping all of these neat and tidy can be almost impossible. This guide will look at a number of clever kitchen storage ideas which can help you organize the kitchen much better. Some very clever kitchen storage ideas: – Pull out Pantry – Swivel Stools – Pull out cutting board – Clever Integrated bowl – Vertical storage Pull Out Pantry A pull out pantry is a great way to maximize storage space inside your cabinets without losing anything. If you spend ages rummaging at the back of cupboards just to find something, then a pull out pantry is perfect for you. You will be able to see everything at a glance and it will also keep stuff off your counter top. Swivel Stools If you have a breakfast bar in your kitchen then you probably have stools which can be pushed under the counter. A much nicer solution is to simply hinge seats onto the sides of the cabinet, these can be opened out and then used. Then they can be hidden away without taking up any floor space. Pull out Cutting Board Fix a pull out cutting board into your kitchen to make cooking easy. You could even have a small waste bin below and a hole which will make it easy to push scraps into the bin. Clever Integrated Bowl I’m sure everyone has broken eggs by putting them down on the counter top and having them roll off onto the floor. Why not install an integrated bowl into the counter top to prevent this from happening. This means anything you put on the work surface will stay where you left it. Vertical Storage If you have enough counter top space in your kitchen, then you could consider using some of it for vertical storage. A etagere can be used to store books, bowls and plates without taking up precious cabinet space.

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