How To Build A Chandelier With Mason Jars 1

Some things make my heart happy. I can think of two things off the top of my head. (Sorry Julie Andrews. No warm woolen mittens or brown paper packages wrapped up with string.) Mason jars are one and chandeliers are the second. Put them together and I want to swoon. A mason jar chandelier? Yes please! I especially love this one! I’m so glad to have stumbled across it! Have you heard the song ‘Chandelier’ by Sia? It makes me think of the most fantastic crystal creations hanging high above…whimsy. This is elegant and magical and DIY. DIY. Best three letters ever! Imgur user Mounttod is brilliant! This would be perfect over the island in my kitchen. Country chic. There are so many versions of this that are possible! Different colored jars, lights, etc.. I’ve seen a candle version too. Looking for a less DIY version? Never fear! Amazon’s got your back. See the amazing DIY creation here… LittleThings: Mason Jar Chandelier (photos)

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