How To Build A Hanging Pallet Bed 1

There is one reason that I don’t like this DIY. I don’t have a tree that is tall or strong enough in my yard to support it! They are all pretty young still. It won’t fit on my porch either. Drats! I’m out of luck but I hope you can make it work for you. This hanging bed it just too fabulous to go to waste! This idea is definitely one of my top favorite ways to use pallets! It just has a romantic feel to it. Sit under a favorite tree and read a favorite book (Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter). Drink a glass of sweet tea and fall asleep in the backyard equivalent of heaven. There are two ways you can have this fabulous bed. And you really do need it. First, you can buy your very own from Crooked River Woodwork’s Etsy Store. It’s amazing! Second, you could make it yourself. Decisions decisions. Here’s a great set of DIY plans! Wanna buy the exact one pictured above? Head here… Crooked River Woodwoork – Pallet Lounger

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