How To Convert Hidden and Unused Space Into Valuable Storage 1

The opening line from this tutorial from This Old House says it all, “You can convert hidden, unused spaces into valuable storage areas.” Swoon. You had me at unused space! This tutorials shows how to install a dresser into the wall so it doesn’t take up any floor space but you still have all the storage capacity. The difficulty level of this DIY is ‘easy to moderate,’ and will take between 6-8 hours of labor. The cost varies on the size of the dresser but between $200-400.00. That’s not bad considering all the space this will save. I like it already! I don’t know why they are called knee-walls, maybe because they are short, but they are walls that are slanted and normally hidden under rafters. They aren’t vital to your house staying up and are perfect for storing things under. I don’t know if under the stairs fits the definition of a knee wall but I think this DIY would still work there. The space has a nice slope, isn’t load bearing, and there is already a tiny cubby under mine. I have a laundry basket in there now, but this would be so much better! Be sure you have the plans to your house so you don’t cut into something you’re not supposed to but from what I’ve read most of these areas are empty. How fun would this be? Or instead of a dresser, a bookshelf? So many possibilities! Speaking of built in bookshelves, see the ones at houzz. Find the This Old House’s full article here… This Old House: How To Install Knee-Wall Storage

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