How To Easily Make Beautiful Winter Votives 1

I love decorating my home for the holidays. It doesn’t matter which holiday, I just love decorating and having my home look cute and cozy to fit the season. Christmas is at the top of my list (followed by Thanksgiving/fall). The colder it is outside, the warmer and more festive I want it to be inside! Votives are a fun and easy DIY. There are a lot of different styles to choose from but these wintery frosted ones fit in perfectly with my Christmas decorations. Ice votives would also work but these ‘winter’ ones are quicker and not as cold or melty. I just a candle called “Champagne Toast” and it smells heavenly. I need something to show it off it. It would smell wonderful on the mantle and it would look gorgeous in one of these votives! I think I like the Epsom salt version better than the fake snow. Only because it seems like it might make less of a mess and stay on better. For an unscented or battery operated candle it would be interesting to add essential oils to the salts. That is what you do to bath salts, so why not votive salt. Add some glitter while you’re at it. Go get your glass vases and containers at the Dollar Tree. They should have most of the supplies you and get crafting. Think about making this Christmas votive from Life Your Way while you’re at it… Here is the video…Enjoy!

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