How To Feed A Family Of 6 For Less Than $400 A Month 1

Angie over at Womanhood With Purpose has rounded up some terrific tips on how we can cut down on our monthly grocery bill. We can do this all while eating healthy and keeping the family healthy, happy, and full. I’m excited to feature her today. It’s better than rocket science; it’s practical and something we can actually use. My own personal tip for saving money at the store is not going when you are hungry! I think I bought three bags of potato chips last time I went. Yikes. Listen to both of us and you will save tons at the store. Check out the tips here… WomanhoodWithPurpose – Hippie Method (Frugal Eating) #1 Tip – Buy In Bulk The very best tip I have for being more frugal when it comes to grocery shopping is to buy in bulk. To do this properly it will greatly help to invest in an extra freezer to store your perishables for the long term. The money saving advantages of buying in bulk will quickly out weigh the expense of operating the freezer. Additional Resources: Looking for more tips on saving money? Don’t miss this roundup by and also this post by Frugal Mom Tips.

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