How To Hem Jeans Fast and Easy 1

I was looking for a way to hem up my jeans but still keep the original hem and I found a great tutorial over at the DIY divas blog! There’s tons of great info there and the comments section has some good Q and A going on. They have even produced a video tutorial to help explain things even better. You can watch it here. Here’s the link to DIY Divas’ full article: DIY Divas: Learn To Hem Jeans Fast and Easy Clothes are made for the average person, and as nobody is really average that poses a problem to many people. For example if you have short legs then finding jeans in the right length can be almost impossible. They can be adjusted and shortened for you, but paying someone else to do this is very expensive. When you know how easy it can be to shorten your own jeans you will be able to enjoy perfectly fitting jeans all the time. This guide will show you very simple fashion hacks that anyone can do, even if they aren’t a particularly good seamstress. Follow the steps to shorten your jeans to the desired length easily. Step 1 – Measuring The first step is the most important and must be accurate and correct. You can either do it the professional way with a tape measure, or simply try the jeans on and decide where you want the end of the jeans to be. Fold the jeans up so that they are the right length and secure it in place with pins. You want the original hem to be just above the required length of the jeans. Make absolutely sure that you are happy with the length of the jeans. If you make a mistake here then it could make your jeans useless. It’s worth checking your measurements a couple of times to make completely sure. Step 2 – Marking and Pinning Once you have taken the jeans off lay then down flat on the floor. Hopefully you can still see how long you want the jeans to be, if not you will need to repeat step one. Make sure that the turned up bit of fabric is folded straight. Use plenty of pins to make sure that this won’t move. Step 3 – Sewing Once you are happy with the length of the jeans, you should then sew it in place. You should sew using a matching color of fabric, ideally just above the original hem. Step 4 – Trying the Jeans on This step is optional, but advisable. You can put the jeans back on and fold the original hem back down to make certain you are happy with the length of the jeans. If you’re not, then it should be easy enough to unpick and start again. Step 5 – Cutting Once you are happy with the length of the jeans they can be cut. Use some sharp scissors to remove the extra fabric from the pair of jeans. Cut it so it’s fairly close to where you stitched, but not so close that it unravels. You don’t really need to cut out the extra fabric, but by doing so you should find them more comfortable to wear, especially if they are quite tight jeans. Additional Resources: Looking for more ways to mend jeans? Don’t miss this ‘how-to’ by ManMade and also this tutorial by divinecaroline.

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