How To Launch Mini Rockets Using Match Tips 1

If you are going to go crazy with fire, experiments, rockets, and all things dangerous but incredible fun then this is for you! The King Of Random has really detailed instructions, written and video, to walk you through making your own matchbox rockets. This will be an exciting project for kids and adults alike! I’m so on board! These matchbox rockets shoot up to 40 feet and are powered by just one match! They leave a cool trail of smoke that is quite impressive. I love that he is organized and conscientious of storage space too! This whole project, supplies and all, fit inside a match box. It’s perfect for travel. Where were the experiments like this when I was a kid? We were more into blowing things up. I played with mentos and coke bottles and there was one incident involving gasoline and a soda can that got me grounded for months, but I was never any good at designing rockers. This would have been helpful and a whole lot safer! These get hot and travel far, so use common sense and don’t point them at people! Instructables has other fun DIY rockets you can make. Find it here… Find the amazing video here…Enjoy!

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