How To Make A Cute Snowman From A Sock 1

If you’re like me you probably have 10+ socks missing a mate. Where did the left sock go?! I am constantly amazed at how quickly they disappear. This sock snowman is an easy wintery craft and the best way to save lone socks from the garbage. I could whip one of these out right now if I wanted. I have all the supplies and I bet you do too! This little guy would make a nice holiday decoration or work for a last minute gift. I heart his scarf! If you don’t cut the sock you can have a more traditional 3 ball body, but I’m not sure where his hat would come from. Either way, he is cute! Word of warning…be sure you tie that string nice and tight! Otherwise you will have a rice-y mess. I’ve heard of people using sand instead of rice too. Organized Christmas the most delicious snowman project you’ve ever seen, ‘Snowman Soup.’ (Not as morbid as it sounds, I promise! Check it out here. Here’s the video… Enjoy!

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