How To Make A Lovely Scarf With Arm Knitting 1

I’ve never been good with needles and tight, close, unforgiving stitches. (My crocheting is even worse that my knitting!) That is why I love arm knitting! You should check it out. It’s a fabulous twist on tradition knitting and a great place for beginners to start and get a feel for working with yarn. This 4 part tutorial takes you through every part of the process, start to finish. The directions are clear and to the point and the pictures are so helpful! (They’re worth at least two thousand words…hehe.) I bet you’ll have found your next hobby after seeing all that Flax & Twine has to offer. I’m a fan of big and chunky scarves and I think that would be the perfect thing to finger knit. I’m a fan of anything that helps to keep me warm and if it’s fashionable all the better. If it’s a DIY scarf it must be easy or I won’t be able to pull it off. I can totally do this. I’m thinking red, beautiful bright bright red. Find the full tutorial from Flax & Twine here… Flax & Twine: Arm Knitting How To

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