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How To Make DIY Infused Olive Oils 1

I have always wondered how to make those cute bottles of olive oil that most people have just out for decorations… You mean, you can make your own infused oils and actually use them for cooking? What a concept! (ok, end sarcasm here) I like to use olive oil whenever I fry meat of any kind so this will give my food a little extra kick. Plus, these make great gifts for just about anyone. And the fact that they are homemade will make the gift that much more special. “What a fantastic idea for holiday gifts and definitely something I would LOVE to receive! Your bottle, bottling and packaging look wonderful. Thanks for linking back to my garlic infused olive oil!!! I’m going to give your lemon infused oil a try. I’ve never had that nor even heard of it for that matter, so it appeals to me. Great post!!!” Here’s the complete guide… DIY Infused Olive Oils Image Credit:

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