How To Make Lipstick From Melted Crayons 1

Pucker up buttercup! Your new favorite DIY is going to be crayon lipstick. It’s now one of mine! Crayons are made of non-toxic paraffin wax and they come in a range of brilliant colors. There are colors like Atomic Tangerine, Purple Mountain’s Majesty, Burnt Sienna, Copper Penny, Leather Jacket, and Jelly Bean. There are so many color options for making your own lipstick…move over Estee Lauder! The Crayola box is here to stay and it’s pretty cheap too. Each shade will take 1/2 tablespoon coconut oil and one whole crayon. That combo gives a nice consistency that is not to hard and not too creamy. Have fun! Blend. Mix. Match. Be creative. Some of these colors are a little too crazy for me to wear but they are all fun! No matter what color, the lipstick will leave your lips nice and soft. That’s because of the coconut oil. I bet peppermint oil could be subbed for coconut to add some ‘zing’ and a nice taste. Wellness Mama has a natural lip balm recipe that is awesome! Find it here.. Find the video here..Enjoy

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