How To Make Peppermint Shot Glasses 1

If there is one candy that screams Christmas it would have to be the peppermint. No tree would be complete without candy canes! And now no party will be complete without these delicious mint shot glasses. Yum! Peppermint shot glasses! They are so holiday and festive. Not only are these delicious but they are easy! Believe it or not, melted peppermint candy is really easy to work with. Easy but hot! Watch your fingers! To make these you need 20 minutes, an oven (set to 350), some parchment paper, shot glasses (for molds), 7 peppermints of any color (each), and a delicious shot recipe. Be sure that the liquid is the same temp as the shot glass or it will crack it and no one wants to get Baileys or Schnapps on their holiday shoes. Theses are so super creative and will compliment any party. Just like these ice shot glasses from instructbables… Here’s the video tutorial…Enjoy!

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