How To Make Pinecone Fairy Ornaments 1

Fairies…I love fairies! I’m sad to say that there aren’t any decorating my tree. We have quite a few paper angels but no other winged ornaments flitting about. How have I neglected to make any other whimsical flying ornaments? Well this tutorial will fix that! You bet your bottom dollar it will. I can’t get over how cute these are! The little acorn cap hats are so precious. (I especially love the berets.) These will go nicely in my fairy garden after the holiday! They can be made free standing by flattening the bottom and gluing a small slice of tree or quarter to it. There can be so much variety with these little ornaments too. Different leaves, different colored wool hair, and pine cone size…unlimited options! I live in an acorn-free neck of the woods but they are available at craft stores galore. FInd some other pine cone decorations from Country Living here… See Willodel Blog’s full article here… Willodel Blog: Pinecone Fairy Ornament Tutorial

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