How To Make Wire Wrapped Peacock Feather Jewelry 1

Peacocks are such beautiful birds. Except when they sould like a woman screaming. That experience in the morning is worse than a rooster crowing. I’m glad that the neighbors don’t have any of them! I’d much rather have some nice peacock jewelry than a live bird any day; jewelry like this DIY feather brooch from Biserok! These pretty birds have been associated with things like glory, vision, royalty, immorality, refinement, and incorruptibility. In Greco-Roman days they could be seen around Hera. In Hinduism, Lakshmi. In Asian cultures, Kwan-yin. Geeze these birds are popular and sure get around! This step-by-step tutorial shows how to make a colorful gold feather brooch. With some gold wire and fabulous blue beads you can create something amazing and I’m such a fan! You never know, maybe some of their ‘characteristics’ will rub off! Craftionary has some other fun peacock projects…I love them and you will too! Find them all here. Find the full article and tutorial from here… Biserok: Wire Wrapped Peacock Feather (Tutorial)

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