How to Melt Soda Cans With A DIY Metal Foundry 1

This is really interesting! Grant Thompson, “The King Of Random,” has created a reusable backyard foundry that is really impressive. He melts down aluminum cans into ingots for casting and creating metal works in his backyard. You won’t believe the sword he made! When not in use, this foundry is disguised as a potted plant. Clever! He has quite the smooth operation going on. A foundry is not for the casual DIYers. It for the serious peeps that want to make stuff. If you are considering this or something like it be sure to take all the safety precautions. Wear gloves and a mask. It is hot! Even when the metal has taken a shape in a mold and lost it’s liquid property it will still make water boil or catch things on fire. Thompson tried 10 prototypes before settling on this one. Learn from his experience! The type of pail, sand mixture, ventilation…Make your life easier and check out his video tutorial below. Instructibles has an example of another DIY foundry… Here’s the video…Enjoy!

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