French Armoire Detail. Annie Sloan shows how to paint with her brand Chalk Paint. Color: Country GreyThese materials include oil paints, chemical substances and natural oils and binders. These materials are versatile alternatives to latex paint. Because they can be applied without streaming in less than 50-degree areas. Dyeing with latex paint requires at least 50 degrees. Oil-based paints do not dry well in hot environments, so if you choose this type of paint to paint, you should make sure that the temperature is not too high. Clean any old coating materials or places painted in different colors. If you are doing this in a place that is indoors, be sure to cool out old newspapers or paper. Take the filler and apply the furnishings. Do this somewhere old in furniture. First, start with a white paint. Wait up to 3 hours for drying primer paint. If it does not close well, you can also paint the second coat.


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