How To Recondition A Cast Iron Skillet 1

Cast iron is amazing. I got a cast iron dutch oven for my birthday last year and I love cooking with it! These pans distribute heat evenly and, if taken care of, can last forever! My mom always told me that the tempered, well loved ones were the best. Well loved is just another way of saying well used. But even the most ‘loved’ pans need help and reconditioning every once in a while. They can rust easily and using soap and metal utensils has a negative effect on these wonderful pans. One of the many myths about cast iron is that once it is damaged it’s time to throw it out. Black Iron Blog has an amazing step by step tutorial on how to recondition it, making it just like new! I’m so excited to try this! If he can take a nasty antique skillet and make it beautiful then I can fix my slightly damaged one! Here are some other restoration projects I know you will find helpful… Here’s the link to Black Iron Blog’s full article… Black Iron Blog: Easy Cast Iron Skillet Reconditioning

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