How To Shape A Cake Into Your Favorite Canine 1

Where was I on the day talent was handed out? Elisa Strauss of Confetti Cakes must have been at the front of the line hogging it all. She is a talented baker and a gifted sculptor. Check out this video of her making a dog cake right before your eyes. It’s patterned after her family’s beloved Golden Labradoodle and the cake was made for her Dad’s birthday. It looks pretty real to me. I’d have a hard time with eating this. Should you eat something that you’ve spent so much time on? It’s just so detailed and beautiful! It took four days to make this puppy shaped cake. Four days! I’d have probably given up halfway through and eaten it. I hate to break it to you DIYers but this isn’t for the novices. Coolest Birthday Cakes really lives up to its name. It has the most fabulous pictures of cakes. The animal shaped ones are the best. The hummingbird and the owl are my favorites! Here’s the video… Enjoy!

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