How To Transfer A Photo Onto Wood (Video) 1

I love Photo transfers! There are so many things your precious memories can be transferred onto. Coaters, canvas, clothes, dishes, shoes, magnets, etc. The list goes on and on. It is a fun, easy, and affordable DIY. Transferring a photo to wood, like in this method, has a nice rustic look and I think it’s fabulous. I’ve given some as gifts in the past and they were a huge hit! Hello Christmas and Grandparents. Lol. You need five basic things for this photo transfer. Gather together some Modge Podge, a gel dedium, a sponge brush, a block of wood, and your picture of choice. From my experience with photo transfers, you can’t skimp on the picture paper’s quality. Laser works best. Smooth wood will help too. Another one of my expert tips (ha!), don’t forget to let it dry completely. Have fun with this! Be sure to check out these other woodworking projects and plans from All Crafts. Here’s the video… Enjoy!

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