How To Turn An Apple Into An Edible Swan 1

Yum. Apple pie with a side of apple swan. That sounds delicious! Now that I think about it, hold the pie. I would be happy to just have swans ‘swimming’ in an ice cream lake for dessert. If you think this is beyond your skill level, think again! Here is a terrific tutorial that will walk you through it. These decorative and edible birds look easy but I bet they take some practice. I know mine wouldn’t look this gourmet on the first try. The head looks the most complicated. I can’t wait to try this! Big apples would probably make it easier. I love the different colored birds! So pretty. Don’t forget to spray with lemon juice or they will get all nasty and brown! I hope I don’t give up halfway through carving and eat the apple! There are other fruits to carve besides apples and all of them amazing. See some of them here… Here’s the video…Enjoy!

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