How To Turn Ordinary Plastic Cups Into Something Mesmerizing 1

I was confused when I heard the term ‘sparkle ball.’ To clarify, it’s like a disco ball but not. Haha, that’s not confusing at all. It’s a ball/globe made from plastic cups that is all lit up from within by twinkle lights. Sounds gorgeous, right? Right! Making this decoration is really simple! You’ll need some clear plastic cups, staples, lights, and something to drill a hole in the bottom of the cups with. Easy peasy. This will be perfect for your next dance party! Haalllorr! (Pronounced hollar with some attitude.) This is very modern looking, I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen something like it at Ikea. I think the lights that flash would look best. Since the lights are stapled inside the globe you better test them first. It would be awful for them not to work after all that! Adding some glitter to the cups would really make it sparkle! decoist has some DIY pendant lights that are just as amazing as this one! Be sure to check them out here… Here’s the video…Enjoy!

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