Keepsake Cement Stepping Stone 1

I want to preserve as many precious memories of my children as possible and this wonderful stepping stone from Enchanted Mommy is a great way to do just that! She has some must-see tips to guarantee fantastic results every time! A garden stone with a little hand or foot print is the perfect way to capture time and a great craft for you and your kiddo to do together. Check it out here… EnchantedMommy – Cute Cement Stepping Stone A keepsake cement stepping stone is a great way to personalise your garden and make it more special. You can either mix the cement yourself, or choose to buy a kit which will be slightly easier. This guide will show you how to make a keepsake cement stepping stone in easy steps. You will Need: – Water – Mold – Decorations – 3 cups of Water – Mixing Stick – Paper Towels Step 1 – Mixing the Cement Start by mixing up the cement. If you use the specially produced pack for keepsake cement stepping stones then you only need to add three cups of water and give it a good mix. Step 2 – Pouring into a Mold Now you need to pour the cement into a mold. This can be anything which is the right shape, size and thickness for your memorable tile. Step 3 – Resting With the cement in the mold it can be very tempting to start decorating straight away, however you need to wait 30 minutes or so. This will allow the cement to firm up a bit and also let it settle. Step 4 – Removing Moisture If after resting for 30 minutes there is any moisture on top of the cement then this will need to be removed. Do not try to pour it off. Instead, use some paper towels to soak up the moisture and throw them away. Step 5 – Decorations This is the fun bit, you now get to decorate. You and your kids can go wild on this task. You can use hand prints, foot prints and all sorts of other decorations. Pieces of crushed up tiles can look amazing, so can old glass bottles, but watch out because they may be sharp. Have fun and experiment to see what looks good. Step 6 – Leaving to Dry You now need to leave the tile to dry for around 2 days. Don’t let it dry too quickly otherwise it will crack and be useless. Instead, make sure you leave it at room temperature and it will dry perfectly. Then it’s just a matter of removing it from the mold and deciding where you are going to install it. It can be installed like any other tile and will look amazing.

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