Koi Pond Project That Grew Into Something Even Bigger 1

Have you ever lost a pet? For many it is a devastating experience. Pets are often treated and regarded as members of our family and when we lose one it’s as if we are losing someone from our own family. Many people decide to create memories of their pets as ways to allow their pet to live on. This was true for redditor ‘crackercortex’ whose dog had just recently passed away. As a way to deal with the grief he decided to embark upon a project to build a koi pond in his back yard. The entire process was supposed to help him overcome his grief about losing his dog. Soon after though his son was born and the project was put off. Now fast tracking some months later, he decided to turn the project into something even bigger. Follow him along with detailed photos and descriptions as he turns the koi pond project into a beautiful backyard oasis! The steps involved are quite detailed – it is no easy task to build a pool. Go here to see all the photos for this project… Diply: He Started To Build A Pond In His Backyard But It Soon Grew Into Something Much Bigger…

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