Learn How To Build A Full Size Milk Jug Igloo 1

My husband is an Eagle Scout. That means that he started as a little tiny Cub Scout and then spent every summer advancing through the scout ranks until he graduated as an Eagle. One of the many things he learned was how to build an igloo. We did it for fun a couple of years back when it snowed buckets and it was so fun! I hope it’s a skill I never have to use to survive a blizzard but I could if I had too. A milk jug igloo is a much warmer indoor project that everyone can get behind. Be warned…it is a lot of work! A school in Midland, Michigan built one that is just amazing and their video tutorial is very helpful! Their 5 foot igloo fits 10 kindergarten children and a teacher quite comfortably. This is a great way to recycle and repurpose old milk cartons (just be sure to wash them first). It took 428 jugs and a lot of hot glue. The cost of this whole project? $12.00 for the glue and a lot of time. It’s estimated about 12 man hours total. All of the jugs were recycled. This is such a fun idea! Plantea has 35 other uses for milk cartons that you are going to love…. Also, don’t miss the article over at Squidoo for more details on this project: Squidoo – Milk Jug Igloo Here’s the video… Enjoy!

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