Our little furry friends. They’re comfortable living the simple life in cardboard boxes. But here are some unique and more comfortable bed ideas for your cats, including some ideas on how to make your own. Upcycled and DIY Ideas Upcycled computer monitors, just like the one in picture (1), and old TVs can be turned […]

What would you say about making beds using old materials at home for your pet friends? From an old knicker or a box … These cats and dog beds that you can do with your entirely obsolete items in the house look as different as if they were comfortable! We are confident that this article, which we have prepared for pet owners, will please you very much. We will show you easy and unusual bedding models to make your cat or dogs comfortable beds with your own hands. These models are very easy to make, their use is very comfortable and their appearance will be very elegant. It can not be more peaceful than enjoying their peacefulness at their corners, enjoying their rest.