Life Just Got Easier With These Clever Rubber Band Hacks 1

If you enjoy recycling then this set of tips will delight you! Do you like to collect rubber bands? We’ve found a series of tips on what you can do with rubber bands and how useful they can be. For something so trivial you may be surprised at the useful ways rubber bands can be used to make our lives easier. They can be really helpful to prevent something from slipping such as a cutting board, or using them to help you open a stubborn jar. Have you thought of securing your wine glasses in the dishwasher with rubber bands? Totally ingenious! There are so many great hacks involving rubber bands that it boggles my mind! If you have kids, get together with them and start a rubber band collection. They will love this whimsical idea and when you show them all of the great uses for the bands, they’ll love it even more. You can even teach them how to make decorative stamps using rubber bands, and then set them up with some paint and paper and off they go! See all 19 rubber band hacks here… Diply: 19 Rubber Band Hacks To Simplify Your Life

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