metallic deer skull. I have a perfect 8-point rack deer skull that my dad found in the woods. Need to figure out what to do with it. Excuse the excessive deer skull pins.Chalet is a  dream decoration style in winter. We can also call it mountain style. The style of the silent chalets integrated in nature in the forest, quiet away from the city … Two berjers at the fireplace head, a post on the floor, a deer head on the wall and a wooden coffee table, a romantic lampshade over it … I think the first thing to come to mind is the chalet style of decoration. . But to be a bit more detailed, we can start by stating that you can use all the elements of nature in the mountain houses. Wood, stone, leather and post … You can combine these four elements as you like in chalet style. You are decorating a mountain house. Nature is under your hands. Start your decoration shopping by looking for a deer skull.

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