Pure Genius DIY Storage Hacks You Gotta Know 1

I know I have too much stuff. I have a garage sale every summer but still it grows. Sometimes I even have two sales! There doesn’t seem to be enough room in my home. We all need to declutter; clutter leads to stress and organizing is the first step in getting rid of it. It makes it look smaller too, lol! Even the largest home needs more storage solutions. And I’ve found 37 that are going to come in handy! Watching TV can be a chore. We have 4 remotes! TV, Stereo, DVD, and one that switches between Netflix, Hulu, and TV modes. That is a lot of devices to keep track of when I just want to curl up on the couch for a day! Putting velcro on the remotes is awesome. I would always know where they are! I want to get a Lego desk buddy too. Popsugar has some other fun organization ideas too… Find Architecture Are Design’s full article here… Architecture Art Designs: 37 Insanely Smart DIY Storage Ideas You Need To Know

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