Quirky Gypsy Wagon Home Tour 1

Have you ever thought of building your own “tiny home?” If you aren’t familiar with these little houses, a tiny home is a portable home that encourages a simple lifestyle that has a smaller impact on the planet. They are are growing in popularity and price. They are gorgeous! A kit house can cost around $30,000 and a few of the designer models are closer to $50,000. Just like anything out there you can make one yourself, and this is no exception. This is going to take some work but it is so cool! This Gypsy Wagon from Inhabitat was built on the chassis (body) of a 5 ton truck. Mostly recycled raw building materials were used. They even used an old picnic table for one of the windows. So don’t be discouraged if you can’t buy a “tiny home.” You can make your very own! Take the full tour here… Inhabitat – Build A Gypsy Wagon In The Woods Image Credit: inhabitat.com

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