Recycle Wine Corks Into Beautiful DIY Art 1

I heart wine. I’m on a Merlot kick right now but I’m not opposed to Pinos either. For all of you wine drinkers out there, here is another excuse to grab a bottle for Friday night’s dinner. I’ve found a full roundup of amazing things to do with the corks! Don’t fret if wine isn’t your thing. I’m sure you can have the neighbors start collecting some for you. No matter what you have to do, get some corks because these crafts are super fun. There are so many uses! I’m really not exaggerating. Corks can be used to keep furniture from scratching the floors and as spools for threads, quite practical. There are also many whimsical uses for them like wall art and planters. #4 is my absolute fav and #22 is beyond impressive! Repurpose them to make toys, necklaces, fishing bobbers, stamps, candles (I didn’t know that they burned), and many others. Wine bottles are great for crafts! There are ways to repurpose every part of the bottle. Even the label. Vinepair has some fun things to do with the labels here. Find the full roundup from Home Esthetics here… Home Esthetics: 30 Insanely Creative DIY Cork Recycling Projects You Should Try

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