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Shaun The Sheep Marshmallow Cupcakes 1

My kids were on a Shaun The Sheep kick for quite a while and it was their favorite show for sure. They have out grown it now but these cupcakes would have been so fun to do for a birthday party or special occasion. They still love marshmallows so I guess it’s really not too late for this project LOL. Aren’t these cupcakes just the cutest thing ever? The original image I posted above did not have a recipe attached to it but I did some digging to find you a couple resources and different ways to do this project… The first is to do a free printable for the head and then just place the marshmallows as you see fit. Here’s the second resource for you… and now that I look a bit closer. It appears that the sheep in the image above might be the same as the ones in this video! Watch here…

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