Super Creative DIY Pallet Bed Ideas 1

Finding pallets isn’t hard but deciding what to do with them is! There are just so many possibilities! I hate to add even more terrific DIYs for you to choose from but they were just too good too keep secret. Besides, these are pallet beds! Just because they are all made of the same material doesn’t mean they all look the same. Each is different and unique. There are even fabulous dog beds! There are day beds, hanging beds, adjustable beds. You name it! I’m so excited! **The tip for finding pallets is ‘K.I.S.S.’ Keep it small sweety. The smaller the business the less likely they are to have recurring contracts for pallet pick-ups and deliveries. Plus, it will be easier to determine what chemicals or materials have been used near or spilled on them. Always ask nicely and build relationships. Those three things have always worked for me!** 1001 Pallets has some more fun ways to use pallets in the bedroom. Check them out here… See all 30 pallet beds here… HomeEsthetics: Creative Recycling – 30 DIY Pallet Beds

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