Teach Your Kids How To Draw In 3D 1

This craft is great for kids and adults alike. It’s pretty cool, really clever, and super easy. In my experience, those are the best kind of crafts when trying to hold the kids’ attention. Drawing in 3D is much easier that I ever imagined! You’re going to want to pay attention to this! DaveHax is the best! With a notebook, ruler, and pencil he shows us how to turn ordinary boring art into an optical illusion! Who wouldn’t want to learn that?! Do you remember those posters that were around in the early ‘90s? You looked in the middle or crossed your eyes and the pic would move or you would see the hidden image. It NEVER worked for me. These are different. These optical illusions are do-able and see-able. Here are some other fun optical illusions for kids. Nowhere near as frustrating as those dumb posters! NIH has a bunch! (National Institute Of Environmental Health Sciences). Check them out here. Here’s the video… Enjoy!

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