The Clever Trick To Making Your Own Cake Pops 1

Can you believe Easter is just around the corner? It seems like just yesterday that I was making the most adorable egg wreaths and delicious bunny shaped cakes. I’m so excited that it’s almost that time again! I associate any egg/bunny crafts with the Easter holiday and that includes this super creative ‘egg cake.’ This DIY looks a bit challenging and time consuming because eggs are so delicate! You must be careful when blowing out eggs or they crack. No Bueno! It would be really fun to decorate the eggs before baking if making these for an Easter treat. Maybe dye the shell? A bright pastel cake mix would seal the deal for me. It would be fun to have an all chocolate one too. Another great thing you could do with these egg cakes? Have the best April Fool’s prank ever! Lol! So perfect! It’s never too early to start planning for Easter or April Fool’s. Find a bunch of fun and harmless pranks here. Here’s the video… Enjoy!

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