The Coolest Coffee Table Ever 1

Mike Warren is an amazing guy! Why? Because he made a crazy cool glow in the dark table. I have never seen anything like it before. What else makes him amazing? He has given us a terrific tutorial, complete with product links, so we can make our own! There is a video to-boot! If you already have the wood working tools then why not make one?! If you don’t, I bet your neighbor has some you could use. Maybe if you are really nice and bring them cookies. Equipment like this is also really cheap to rent. I rented so many things for my basement remodel and I know a round saw will be cheaper than a jackhammer. Did you know that there was a product called “glow powder” and that it comes in a bunch of colors? It’s spendy but so cool. It can be used for so much more than a table. This power has a brightness rating of 33000 mcd/m2, 55-85 micron but I have no idea what that means. The packaging says that it can be recharged millions of times! Sweet. The Hunted Interior has another DIY table you need to see… See the full tutorial from instructibles here… instructables: Glow Table Don’t miss the video either…Enjoy!

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