Old School Craftsmen Building with Actual Joints no nails thats building!!! Texas Timber Frames - Galleries :. Timber Trusses, Frame House Plans, Frame Homes, Post and Beam Homes, Log House Log Home Plans, Barn HomesBoth planning and design are changing in wooden houses. Wall color, wall decoration, floor decoration and ceiling decoration should be planned separately. It is necessary to examine a little sample with some information for this. Wooden home decorating ideas give us different information to decorate a house in a natural style with wooden wall panels. Wall panels, as we know, are one of the most preferred building materials that are very popular in interior decoration designs. Along with the wooden ones, there are different kinds of half wooden furnitures and real wooden ones. By covering the walls with panels, you can show the inside of the house as if it was completely made of wood. Likewise, you can do the same by covering the floor with the wood veneer material.


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