The Most Genius Ways To Hide Ugly Stuff In Your Home 1

I am going through an anti cleaning mode. My floors and bathrooms, ewww. But I am not anti beautification. I am excited to feature Viralnova and these clever ideas for hiding all the ugly stuff in my house. Cords are my nemesis and there are some fun ways here on how to hide them from sight and I think a couple will work wonderfully for me. Neat-o. See all 22 here at Viralnova: Viralnova: 22 Creative Genius Ways To Hide Ugly Stuff In Your House How would you hide the above air conditioner? Here’s how they did it… wow!

The Most Genius Ways To Hide Ugly Stuff In Your Home 2

Five Ways You Can Hide Eyesores In Your Home Practical and functional things around your home don’t always look that great. There are plenty of eyesores in your home that you would want to hide. This guide will show you a number of different tips to help you hide eyesores in your home and keep them out of sight. By learning how to hide eyesores, you can make your home look much more beautiful while still being completely practical. – Hide Cables with Curtains – Charge devices in drawers – Conceal Routers – Hide Pet Supplies – Hiding cables around your room 1. Hiding Cables with Curtains The spaghetti of cables under your desk can be a horrible sight. The easiest way of hiding these cables is to use a curtain fixed to the back of the desk. This can be a dark color, or colored to suit your decor. The curtain conceals the cables, but allows you access when required. Fixing a curtain under your desk is very easy to do, simply screw a curtain wire into the legs on your desk and slide a curtain across. 2. Create a Charger Drawer Everyone has dozens of different devices which need to charged every night. The mass of charging cables can be an eyesore. A good solution to this is to create a charging drawer. Simply mount an extension lead inside a drawer and plug it in. Then laptops, mobile phones and tablets can all be charged out of sight by keeping them inside the drawer. 3. Hiding Routers Internet routers are essential in every home but they aren’t the prettiest of things. Routers can either be stored in drawers like a charger drawer, or just put into pretty boxes. These boxes can have holes cut into them and stacked to make it very easy to connect the devices together. A box could also be decorated to look like a fake book if you wish. 4. Hiding Dog Bowls and Litter Trays If you have pets then you will need to put litter trays and food bowls in your home. These can be an eyesore, but can be hidden out of sight quite easily. Dog bowls can be installed inside a drawer and pulled out when needed. Once they have finished, the drawer can be shut to conceal the dog bowls. Cat litter trays could even be built into cabinets to make them look much nicer. Cats can enter through holes in the side of the cabinet. 5. Hiding Cables around your room Everyone will have extension leads and all sorts of power leads running along skirting boards in their home. There are a few different ways to hide or make a statement of these cables. A small picket fence can be mounted on the skirting board to hide cables and keep them in place. You could also make a feature out of cables on your desk by using miniature overhead pylons. There’s no need to put up with ugly things in your home, there are plenty of ways that you can hide them from sight. Hopefully by following the guide above you can learn what to do with the eyesores in your house. Additional Resources: Looking for more renovation ideas? Don’t miss this article by Country Living and also this one by Ugly House Photos.

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