Things That Don’t Belong In The Fridge 1

What good information! Maybe I need to clean out the fridge? So my bread, avocados, and tomatoes are all in the wrong place? Oops! Growing up our batteries were always in the freezer. Guess I better call Mom and Dad and let them know too. I have never heard about people putting nail polish in the fridge though. Super interesting! What are you storing in the wrong places? See 15 additional items that don’t belong in the fridge here… CafeMom – 15 Things That Should Not Be Refrigerated Here’s a couple items you are probably storing in the fridge but shouldn’t be. These really surprised me. Melons

Things That Don’t Belong In The Fridge 2

Melon should be left out of the fridge if you want it to properly ripen and sweeten. Honey

Things That Don’t Belong In The Fridge 3

Honey will crystalize and be very hard to use when kept cold. It is perfectly fine to keep at room temperature almost indefinitely. Additional Resources: Looking for more fun household facts? Don’t miss this roundup by House Logic and also this post by Homesessive.

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