This Bowl Gets Put In The Microwave And The Result Is Total Deliciousness 1

This video has left me devastated! Why? Because my microwave is broken and I can’t make this delicious caramel! Sometimes life is so unfair but I’m tucking this away so as soon as it is fixed I can make it happen. Please let that be soon! With this easy microwave recipe we should never be buying caramel again. Butter and sugar are two of my favorite things and this recipe is chock full of those ingredients. Sugar high! Be careful caramel is addictive and not the healthiest treat. Eat some steamed veggies every once in a while or your waistline might regret it. Lol. I am thinking this is perfect for making caramel apples. 6 ingredients and 6 minutes (plus cooling time) until bliss. I would eat the ‘batter’ straight out of the bowl. Watch out for your fillings people! This chewy goodness could do some damage. I’ve also seen some recipes for microwave peanut brittle, like this one from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe. If you thought caramel was easy, wait until you see this! Here’s the video… Enjoy!

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