Try This Fun Experiment With Ice And Salt 1

What is your favorite dessert? Cake, chocolate, candy, ice cream? I go through phases but lately it’s ice cream. Can you blame me? Such rich creamy goodness. I’m sure you’ve heard the horrible phrase, ‘a moment on the lips forever on the hips.’ Normally, I don’t care about calories and just try to live in moderation. But a new year just started and I think I should at least try. That’s one reason I’m looking for some healthier dessert options. (Google Paleo dessert later-wonderful!) This is another fresh treat that is also educational. Some ice, salt, two plastic bags, and orange juice can provide some entertainment and a frozen ice cream alternative. The reaction between the salt and ice draws heat away from the OJ, causing it to freeze. I think I’ll have to try this. Buzzfeed has some more chemical reactions that you need to see. Not edible but still great! Here’s the video…Enjoy!

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