Turn An Orange Into A Candle?! 1

Oranges are delicious; they are high in vitamin C and full of health benefits. And now there is another reason you should keep your pantry stocked with them! Besides helping with cholesterol and eliminating carcinogens from the body (just to name a few reason they’re healthy) they can be used to make candles! Yes it’s true! I saw one burn with my own eyes. All you will need is an orange, a knife, a lighter, and some olive oil. You’re basically making an orange peel bowl. Be sure to not get any holes in it! I hate cleaning up oil. Be sure to leave the stem attached to the peel because it’s going to act as the wick. So cool! I love creative candles like this. Perfect for emergencies. I saw a butter candle once that was just as cool. There are wonderful DIY emergency kits out there but there are also store bought ones, like this one from The Ready Store. Find it here… Here’s the video here…Enjoy!

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