Turn Logs And Stumps Into Furniture With Some Chainsaw Skills 1

Artists that create sculptures always amaze me. Being able to look at a chunk of stone or wood and see something inside that needs to be brought to life is a great talent. I have trouble seeing the potential in an empty room! There are two things I am taking away from the video of this chair being carved. One, double check to see something beautiful can be made or repurposed before you toss stuff in the trash. Two, find and buy one of these chairs at all costs! Lol. This freeform log chair is made from a white cedar stump (Thuja). Making one of these takes some talent and patience. How horrible would it be to mess up right at the end?! I think the armrest is my favorite feature of the chair. It is practical and beautiful. This really is ‘sittable’ art! Web Urbanist has some other fun carved chair and bench designs. Check them out here. Here’s the video… Enjoy!

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