Use A Ziploc Bag To Make This Delicious Treat 1

I love it when learning coincides with a delicious treat! That’s what ice cream in a bag does. It’s the perfect edible experiment. And this one is easy and quick. You can make it in about 20 minutes, start to finish. You should already have most of the ingredients in the fridge. Ready? Let’s make some ice cream! The ingredients you will need to make this are: sugar, milk, cream, vanilla, salt, and ice. I have everyone of those! Normally I don’t have cream but I just made a pumpkin pie and had some extra left over. You will also need a bowl, measuring cups and spoons, freezer bags, and gloves. This tasty experiment demonstrates the reaction between the salt and ice. They draw the heat away from the milk and other ingredients, lowering their temperature to make ice cream. Without salt, you would simply have chilled milk. You can also make ice cream in a blender. wikiHow has the 411 here… Find the video here..Enjoy

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