Watermelon Sticks (Kid Approved) 1

This is great for hot summer days and picnics! It keeps hands and faces from getting sticky and not a bite gets wasted. That sounds like a win to me. I don’t think I would choose this for the family watermelon eating contest, but for everything else it is awesome! So delicious. Let’s learn how to cut it up… Here’s the link to A Thrift Mom’s full article: A Thrifty Mom: Watermelon Sticks (Perfect For Little Hands) Healthy eating is important to everyone, no matter how old they are. It is important to start teaching your kids the importance of healthy eating early on in life. Most kids will eat pretty much anything, as long as it is served to them. Toddlers and young children love finger foods as they are a great way for them to feed themselves without having to use cutlery. This guide will look at some healthy snack ideas that are suitable for kids and adults alike. Why Finger Foods Toddlers and young children love being able to do something on their own. They’ve spent their whole lives being waited on and love to be able to feed themselves with finger foods. What’s more, it also teaches good hand eye coordination, and it will also help them to understand how to behave at meal times. There are plenty of foods that are perfect for finger foods, so let your imagination go wild. Finger foods are also useful for anyone with arthritis that is unable to hold cutlery but wants to retain some independence. They are also great foods to take on picnics since you don’t need to take any cutlery. Water Melon Water melon isn’t really that child friendly because it can be messy and difficult to eat. However, if you cut it into sticks then this is great for children to hold and feed themselves. A big slice of water melon isn’t really suitable for small hands or mouths. But by cutting them into easily manageable sticks this should be much easier. Start by cutting the water melon up into thirds. Then lay each third down on a chopping board and cut it into strips. Then cut strips the other way. What you are then left with is a series of water melon sticks. It’s best to prepare the water melon sticks just as you want to use them, otherwise they might dry out a bit. The seedless varieties of water melon are the most suitable for children since you don’t need to worry about them choking on the seeds. Watermelon is a favorite of children because it is soft and easy to bite. It is also nice and cool which makes it perfect if they are teething. Carrot In a similar way carrot can be cut up into matchstick sized pieces. Carrot is very nice to eat raw but is only recommended with older children who are used to chewing. Carrot also needs lots of teeth. For younger children you can try cutting carrot into matchsticks as before and then boiling them for a few minutes to soften them up. Wait until they are cool and then serve. Cheese If your child can eat cheese then it’s a healthy source of protein and calcium, although it is very high in fat. Cheese can be cut into sticks which the toddler can then feed themselves with. Meal times can be a battle for some parents with picky children. However, you should find that if you let your kids feed themselves that meal times are much less eventful and might even be pleasant and relaxing. Additional Resources: Looking for more kid-friendly snack ideas? Don’t miss this article by Parents and also this recipes by allrecipes.com.

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